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The RTE Presidential Debate on Saturday 22nd October 2011 at the Helix
Bernie and Joe with
the Audience

Michael D Higgine's
wife with Sean
Gallagher's wife
The Seven Candidates with Seven Pumkins

The Peoples College Debating Society attended the RTE1 2011 Republic of Ireland Presidential Pre-Election Debate at The Helix in Dublin City University on 22nd Oct 2011. The seven candidates Gay Mitchell, Michael D Higgins, Dana Rosemary Scanlon, Mary Davis, Senator David Norris, Martin McGuinness and Sean Gallagher.


These candidates were put through their paces by Charlie Bird, RTE Host with the help of an invited audience including Debating Society members Bernie Grant, Helen Collins, Martin Baldwin and Joe O'Connor.

The live debate was recorded by RTE1 and transmitted on the afternoon of the same day.

The Debate started at 10:30am and concluded at 12 noon! As you can see from the front page of this year's Newsletter the Peoples College Debating Society know how to spot the Presidential Candidate.


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Mary Davis with Helen,
Bernie, Joe and Martin

Helen, Bernie
Sean Gallagher
Martin and Joe

The Host Charlie Bird
Mary Davis with Bernie and Joe
Olive and Hugh

As we all know debating is a wonderful skill. We have seen this skill in DCU when we attended the debate with the Presidential canditates and seen first hand how the professionals operate.

It appears that debating at this level can win or loose an election depending on your debating skills. We look forward to more opportunities of debate's as we go further into our year.

By Terry Prone from the Irish Examiner

"David Norris got worked up about the pumpkins. Those pumpkins were lined up on stage in a row and the TV cameras were taking their pictures, which aggravated the normally good-humoured Senator no end. He said the pumpkin motif was trivialising the debate, which seemed a bit harsh, since the organisers could’ve gone for ghosts or skeletons, given the season that’s in it. When it was pointed out to him that his own team had promoted the pumpkins, he was jolly about it. "

The Seven Candidates

The Pumpkins