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The Last Man Standing Debates
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Patricia Martin

David Neenan

Anne Muldowney

The Peoples College Debating Society's meeting on Wednesday the 30th November 2016.

Last Man Standing Night
Is where each debater is given a specific motion to debate. They are limited to 2 minutes impromptu so there is no time for preperation.

These type of debates help people think on their feet and is an excellent confident booster.

Catherine Delaney "That wine is better than beer".
Helen Collins "That love is more important than money".
Udo Sapp "That Tayto make the best crisps".
Bernie Grant "That blonds have more fun".
Ann Muldoney "That love is more important than money"
Paddy Glavin "That reading broadens the mind"
John Gallagher "That drug testing in the olympics is pointless".
Patrica Martin "That chocolate is better than sex".
David Neenan "That GARDAI should be armed".
Martin Baldwin "That all athletes should be drug tested"
Patrick Mulhall "That we should legalise cannabis".
Frank Moore "That reality TV does more harm than good".
May McKenna "That the driving age should be raised".
Francis Lawlor "That older women should be allowed to marry younger men".

Helen Collins

John Gallagher

Paddy Glavin

Catherine Delaney

Frank Moore (Winner) being presented with
the winners cheque by Helen Collins

Frank Moore

May McKenna

Bernie Grant (runner up)
presented by Helen Collins