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PCDS Vs Paris Toastmasters May 2017

MOTION: 'That Sports cheats should be banned for life'

Auditors Report

Firstly the team that represented us was Martin (captain), Patricia, Udo and Patrick. Unfortunately the motion was defeated i.e. we did not win, but our team did us proud, they really put very strong arguments forward and spoke with great confidence.

We were at a disadvantage as there was no independent judge, we only found out as the debate was about to begin. All in all it was great fun. We presented each member of the the French team with a box of Irish chocolates and gave David Martin (the guy that organised the debate) a present of a Cap 'Irish Drinking Cap with a built in bottle opener' so good fun all round.

We also had a brilliant day in the Irish Cultural College on Sunday, they sent an invite last week to a BBQ in the grounds of the college. The priest Fr. Dwayne that has been in the college for 4 years in due to leave and another priest Fr Hugh will be taking over the role. So the BBQ was to say goodbye to Dwayne and welcome Hugh.

Again a beautiful sunny day and the group are very friendly and welcoming. They took great interest in the debate and had lots of suggestions of what we should and should not say - we sat for hours discussing it and sipping wine!. Knowing that we were going to the BBQ we brought along lots of Irish Biscuits, Tayto Crisps and Patrick made a large Tea Brack - which was really appreciated. Each year we are building better relationships with the college so much so that next year I am thinking of asking if someone would come along to the debate and act as the independent judge.

The other days we spent doing touristy things which were really enjoyable in the sunshine.