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Hi Folks,
I sincerely hope you enjoyed the "Cork Week-end" as much as myself. My now dissolving memories of it are - this is simply a side effect of drinking alcohol. On Friday afternoon having abseiled from the Montenotte 4* Hotel down into the lovely artisan city of Cork - enjoying one of the most delicious meal’s I ever had (La Bodega - highly recommended if you are ever in the fair city again - it's on Corn Market St) helped along by the company of 2 lovely chaperones(names withheld for security reasons) and a very drinkable bottle of vino.

Returning to Base Camp @ Montenotte - General Martin Baldwin (4Star) corralled as many as possible into Room 301 for a Mini Summit - needless to say - as is the tradition - more vino & bubbly flowed.

On leaving the General’s room a top secret Sub Committee gathered in room 313 - difficult questions such as "coke" or "lemonade" were tackled and sorted. Additional issues such as 'which top should I wear? - were robustly debated - I hasten to add I did not ask this question - I was simply an observer - on mature reflection I recommend this position to all you party(male) members.

On entering the "Lion’s Den"(alias the Bar) - the Party faithful gathered and sang their hearts out - till the early hours. On Saturday morning - to my surprise there were no ’lost in action’ party members. And having dressed for the occasion - we pressed forth towards the battle ground of Bishopstown Library @ Wilton.On arrival - chaos ensued for several minutes - till order was restored and the battle “Royal“ begun.

The 2 teams debated to and fro 'That Cork is the real Capital of Ireland'. Needless to say - we knew all along "that Cork was the real Capital of Ireland"! My only regret of the week-end - is that I didn’t ask PaddyPower for some odds on this one. Being the Party stalwarts that we are - we were gracious - which is in our very nature as Debaters. Tea and much chat followed the debate.

Having returned to the Montenotte Hotel it was decided to abseil for the 2nd sortie down into the real Capital on this occasion under the guidance of Field Marshal Peter Kieran. We went in search of some food and eventually settled upon O'Flynn's Gourmet Sausage Company - where it was observed by a male party member that one female party member preferred the ’Italian 6 incher' to the native "Liam Flynn’s". It was further noted that another female party member requested additional "Chilli". (Some like it hot).

Having been satisfied by the "Hot Italian", it was then decided to make our way back to the Hotel for a rest before dinner. Alas - on the way back - our Regiment were ambushed by the sound of music into a Farmers Market. Once again I must report that one female member purchased some "Hot Nuts" - as they say in America "some like it hot". Another female party member choose ’Molten Chocolate’. Fellow members I must confess ’my mind boggled at such wild abandon...

On returning to the hotel I had to stand under a cold shower for 1 hour 45 minutes just to compose myself before the dinner at 8pm. I hope you agree a meal is always very enjoyable when in the company of friends and a good night was had by all. On Sunday - we were greeted by brilliant sunshine from the sky above the real Capital which followed us all the way back to Dublin.
Any references to real people in this text are fictitious. Thank you all for sharing a truly memorable week-end - you are fun to be with. Enjoy your week ahead.